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Application Form | Founders Talent Accelerator

At Founders, we are committed to helping you to find a cofounder and building a globally impactful startup. To achieve this, we ensure each cohort is curated with the most exceptional talent; handpicking each participant based on their unique skillset, behaviours and founder potential.
For the last cycle, we had over 500 applications to join the programme. Here is everything you need to know to allow us to best get to know you:

1. Focus on you

Remember that we are selecting candidates based on their exceptionalism, not ideas that they have or have been working on. Make sure you, the individual, are the focal point.
For example, instead of focusing on the outcome of a large group project, zone in on how you, as an individual, contributed to achieving that outcome. We are searching for outliers - this is your time to unapologetically boast.

2. Use evidence and examples

Demonstrate tangible examples of where you have created value - that can be monetary, time saved, a specific outcome etc. Tell us the impact you created in your specific project/field/role.
Founders seek to provide a platform for the most exceptional talent to supercharge their founding journey - help us to clearly identify and assess your exceptionalism.

3. Keep it concise

Aim to complete the application form in clear, concise language. Bullet points are always welcomed!
We recommend that you take some time to plan out how you might answer each question in advance of filling in the form. Ensure that you are using every opportunity to show us your true founder potential.
The best way for us to determine future success is to reflect on past achievements - ensure you are sharing them with us!
If you have any questions regarding the application process, please visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us at [email protected]